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Designed & Prototyped in Australia 

 Alloycraft is origined by boat industry veteran - Egan Dyett and refined by Bingstar's experienced naval architect with inputs from our customers. We rigorously test our boat in designated water to the ultimate refinement before hand-over for production  

Compliance to ISO12217:3-2002/AMD.1:2009

small craft - stability & buoyancy and Australian Builder Plate

 Each model of Alloycraft was designed and tested to ISO12217:3-2002/AMD.1:2009 regulation by third party testing authority. This is the fundation of each our boat to be complied with ABP (Australian's Builder Plate). Safe Boating is our first priority. 

State-Of-The-Art Factory

 Alloycraft is built in one of the largest recreational aluminium boat yard in Asia-Pacific. 

20,000 square meter factory located on the river bank with mountain back drop 

Hand Weld Each Boat With Pride 

 Although we use high-tech computer controlled machinery throughout the factory, the most critical process of boat hull building is still built by hand. Our boat builders are all certified aluminium builder with average of 10 years aluminium boat building experience. 

Patented Modular Design

 Alloycraft is not ordinary welded boat, it adopts world first patented technology to realize the high degree of customization without welding. Customer is able to fix the accessories on the boat hull DIY with relative low cost.    

 Hull Water Testing EVERY boat

We water test every boat we build, first after hull seamless welded and final after boat fully built.

 Craftsmanship & High Quality Finish 

Beautiful welding with high quality fit-outs parts complete the Alloycraft boats

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