Bass Pro 463

Bass Pro 463

Light and swiftly, Bass Pro 463 is perfect for the anglers who need an easy to control snappy performing boat on sweet water.

- Outstanding straight line acceleration and small radius turning

- Class leading 2.15 meter wide platform with plenty storage capacity 

- Aluminium storage pocket with full carpeted hatch

Front Pedestal Seat

Stylish Composite Console

Patented Track System 

Sharp V Bow Entry 

Full Vinyl Wrap 

Integrated Water Glide Press

Extra Reinforced Full Weld Transom

Front Pedestal Seat

Reversed Chine 

Full Marine Carpet Wrapped Marine Plywood Deck

Slim-line Foldable Seats

Anti-spray Chine

Raised Bow Casting Deck

Front Storage 

Front Trolley Motor 

Foot Control Recess 

Optional Cover Plate

Pumped Live-Well

Composite Console 

Lurer Cases Storage Hatch

Rod Storage Hatch

Battery/Fuel Tank Storage

Rear Navigation Light

Front Navigation Light

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