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Bass Pro 498

Bass Pro 498

Your best weapon for sweet water tournament competition. Full size Bass Pro 498 provides exceptional performance on water with over 40 knots speed; well thought platform of huge storage 

- Full size professional bass fishing boat

- Class leading 2.24 meter beam to provide huge fishing platform

- Split-able live-well, front/rear casting deck/seat catering for duo

- Aluminium hatch and storage for longevity

- Under floor fuel tank; 4 Storage Space; 5 Seats; 



Reversed Chine 

Full Marine Carpet Wrapped Marine Plywood Deck

Anti-spray Chine

Raised Bow Casting Deck

Front Pedestal Seat


Stylish Composite Console

Patented Track System 

Sharp Entry V Bow

Full Vinyl Wrap 

Integrated Water Glide Press

Extra Reinforced Full Weld Transom

Front Pedestal Seat

Rear Casting Seat

Deluxe Foldable Drivers Seats


Front Storage

Front Trolley Motor 

Foot Control Recess 

Optional Cover Plate

Split-able Pumped Live-Well

Full Carpeted Floor

Composite Pro Steering Console

Rear Storage

Battery Storage

Fuel Filler

Front Navigation Light

Front Storage

Rod Storage

Rear Storage

Details Matter

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